Thursday, July 21, 2005


Thats a spicy Meat-a-ball!

Well things are looking pretty darn good for this butterfly. Myself and my fellow BFG are going to Vito's restaurant tonight at 8, where the men are men and the women are appreciated.

I have spent several hours dancing the night away with Mr. Vito, and lets just say he knows how to "cut the rug"!!!

Check out this review, and I'll tell you what happens during my dining experience. I dont know If I can clear my plate, however.


(That Night) Well I arrived with my GF, who was wearing a skirt up to here with legs up to there, and we were recieved warmly. And dare I continue? Vito's little girl A*, recieved us. At about 8 or so, and 3 1/2 feet, she greets us at the door like a little oompa loompa man. Except shes very bent on her "tasks". We must be seated. Whether or not we enjoy the experience is not her concern - we will be seated, so we can eat and pay our check and leave a tip. Its very simple.

Well, the waittress took over and it was much more pleasant. An hour of girl-talk, and then we were joined by the owner, his little boy A* and A*. They are both gymnasts headed for Olympic gold, and I was bullied into paying my check quickly so that I could leave, both by my accomplice and the "helper".

What ever happened to "girlpower"?

The restaurant - its ina strip mall in PAcific Grove, off of Forest, and it has a giant Mural of Sicily (I think) on one wall, and a fireplace next to it. Other than that it is a room with tables and chairs, in a strip mall.
The People - mostly locals, and retourning guests. Everyone is jovial and happy, and they range in age from 25-65. All YUPPIES. You have to at least have a job (or 2) to be able to afford the meals (at a minimum plate cost of $15.00).
The Food - we shared a few appetizers, starting with the Ceasar salad. (it was good - but I like lemon. There was no lemon.) Next we tried the manila clams in broth - we didnt like that too much...but the next one was "aaaahhhhh". Melt-in-your-mouth Gnocci with a red sauce (you cant get two sauces in one dish to try them - its all of one or the other, BTW), which is the house specialty. Then Calamari cutletts, breaded thickly and spiced. Those were really really good too. But back to the gnocci! We never did get "free refills" on our empty plates.
After dinner fun - After the calamari we were offered a dessert by the owner to try - a Special homemade Tiramisu, with a secret recipe (RUM! OOps) - it melts in your mouth its so moist, and has a little "punch" of sweetness.

So, alls well that ends well - it was a pleasnt if short evening out with the GF.

love - your favorite butterfly girl

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