Monday, March 23, 2009


Sand City Springtime 2009

Well, as the rains dripped for hours, promising verdant green hillsides in April, Spring has hit us here in Sand City with an icy wind, bright blue skies and longer days. The Jasmin smells wonderfully sweet, and the rosebuds portend a large crop of heavy-headed roses. I brood over them daily.

So far, things have been moving forward at a snails pace with respect to our local economy. We are way ahead of the rest of the county with respect to the unemployment rate, and people are holding on to their dollars harder than ever. This is really tough on all the local businesses who depend on local residents for their cash flow. Much different than being a national retailer.

Many businesses are down about 30%. However cafes and bars are doing gangbusters business. Ol'Factory Cafe has wone some awards for the Monterey Weekly's "best of" - Best Beers on tap and best Sand City Restaurant, as well as best place to have intelligent conversation (a little deja vu never hurt anyone).

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the economy has bottomed out and we are on the uptick!

Spring foward!

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