Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Pizza and Big Sur Redwoods

Dear Friends,

Because my life has taken some interesting twists and turns; I must say that I am missing everyone horribly! I do miss my old life in San Diego, and while I am getting comfortable in my new one - there is no replacement for good friends!

I have been hiking (as you already know!) in the wilds of South-Central Coast. The summer has mellowed to August and the hills are brown with parched grasses. I have found several new trails that I really like and have taken pictures as well as journalised my experiences. Interesting note - the landscape, as wonderful as it is, is rather empty but for the people that I have encountered.

Im still living with my parents at their house, and have become adept at saving money and avoiding the shopping centers and online stores. Im amazed - even though I am in meetings and working with large amounts of people every day - I dress horribly and there are no shopping centers where I can assuage my thirst for new fashions. Which is the good news. Bebe and Guess are about 60 miles away. Thats good news! Im waiting until that last (and first) 15 lbs has been shed before using my shopping gift cards.

I have met some interesting people lately, and attending wine/pizza tastings. some of my new "friends" include a hard-working couple who have started a sequeway rental company on cannery row, pizza-eating locals, and wine-guzzling entreprenuers.

I frequent a spot that caters to tourists in Big sur, and there are always interesting souls gathered around the fire pit at night. The crackling sparks light up the sky, dissappearing into the black night. To be replaced in my vision with sparkling diamonds - stars - clear, cold and bright.

My traditions have begun over the summer, and into the golden fall.
Last weekend I went for a 9-mile hike in Andrew Molera. This area is the largest acreage of state park in the County. A great place for a garden - hence the pot bust last week that netted about 37 million street-worth of "garden plants".
This hike has a 1,100-foot ascension, but it was so gentle that I barely noticed! The trail loops south on the marine terrace (the flat part that suddenly drops off to the ocean) and then up over the ridge. The terrace portion was scrubby with sharp twigs that lacerated my ankles. OUCH. The entire walk I enjoyed the sparkling turqoise-blue/green ocean.

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