Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hug a tree and a Panda today!

Hi all,

So much has happened since my last posting to this blog on Where would I begin?

September/October, I met a wonderful man and we are now living together in Sand city. More on this later...

Mid December I left my job at CTB?McGraw-hill (Hell) and told everyone about my so-called boyfriend and his lies and deceptions. I am now working at Monterey Mattress (no I am not the number one mattress-tester!) and learning more than anyone wants to know about sleeping and foam and matt...nononono!

January I found an engagement ring reciept. No I havent gotten engaged, but I guess its the thought that counts? NOT!

March I became a mommy to a beautiful Belgian Tervuren puppy who was about 8 weeks old (he is now a whopping 13 weeks and 14 lbs!!!) More on him later too.

What am I doing these days?
1. Working on the garden ,

2. taking care of puppy and doggy and fishy and kitty. Anything that ends in "y" and I am there. I work at the mattress factory doing filing and phones, but soon I hope to take art classes at the local colleges. Either CSUMB or Monterey Peninsula Jr College. One of course is less expensive than the other. I am torn between the Film Post-Bacch and the Art Associates. A desision must be made before Summer. Its like life is a scareacrow pointing in several different directions to a place called Oz which of course has all the answers. Where is my wizard?

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