Sunday, January 16, 2005


Great Balls of Fire!

Greetings friends,

Well, christmas (and the other holiday called new year in America) has come in like a lion and left like a lamb (sort of like spring, eh?) and Ive sort of settled into a mellow routine. I get up at darktime, gulp down some coffee, which I drink whilst in the shower, sqirm into some clothes and get into my car...for 2 minutes... while I turn on the engine to warm it up and defrost the freaking windows!! I havent been this cold in way too long. Its rather invigorating as long as you have a heater to clutch onto.

Ive yet to complete the great "scarf project" :D. And yet Im finding knitters in all corners. Yesterday, I just discovered that my friend L* is taking a class!!! I started shouting knit-gibberish at her and she got silent, but I think she'll appreciate it later - when the word purl doesnt sound like the thing you find in oysters. This is just what happens when youve discovered a new hobby. Yes, folks, like a spider spinning its convoluted web, Ive become a knitter, knitting my "concoctions". I have delusions that someday, roberto cavalli will see my fabulous knits and copy me.

This weekend: was priviledged to see the new Elektra movie. Supposedly Jennifer Garner was saving the whole movie from drowning in its own silliness. Lets just say that there was no lifeboat, no life jacket and no lifeguard around for this poor puppy.

The question of the day: Am I capabale of abstrakt thote.?. I am knot shur, becuz my Ique is so loe. hoo the hel R u usd to deeling width? I was asked this philosophical question the other evening, and my erstwhile companion was perhaps a bit frustrated with moi.

Monterey, this week, is not treating me well. My job as a "Kelly temp", has turned into a nightmare of routine research and "whipping post" duty. Which is worse? I worked for a week with the events team, helping run the all-employee meeting/sales conference at the Mariotte Hotel in downtown Monterey. There were lots of VPs there and lots of "other" important peeps there, but overall, it was rather, um, lackluster. But then Im used to more glitz. My evaluation?

They get an "A" for effort and and "L" for lying about the internet connection. Whoops.

This evening, Im trying to recover from a sore-thoat-cold kind of thing, and am now sitting at the computer, burning candles and hoping my paperwhite lilies last another day. Jack then decides he wants in on the action and jumps up on the table, with his tail towards said candle. I look in horror as his tail gleams with the orange light of flame...his tail is on fire! Sh!t! He looks at me and chirps (a chirp is his standard mode of gentle communication when hes not grumpily swatting me, or evascerating me with his claws for fun.) quizzically, not knowing that the sizzle he hears is - him. I grab his poor, slightly charred, rear appendage to quench the flame and now am watching him as he watches me....hoping that hes learned to never play with fire...

signing out for now,

Monday, January 03, 2005


Butterfly Girl

Ok, folks, the Butterfly Girl has come out of her cocoon, and has unfolded her wings. She is drying them out, in hopes of being able to fly soon. They are wet and heavy currently, and still, as we speak, developing.

Ive just recieved my fictitious Business name, and the process for obtaining my Business license has been started. I recieved a phone call today from someone down at the county Ass-ministration/Planning office. They currently have no problem with me having a business!
Whoo hoo. Thats America.

Look for my new website, new logowear, and finally my new clothing and jewelry line! (Not necessarily in that order...)
- There will be three different version: Naughty, Nice and Plain Text.

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