Wednesday, July 20, 2005



This year, prior to the fourth of July, I began my weekend with a family reunion in Cayucos. One big eat-fest is what it was. People came from near and far - "some came from Swtzerland, and some came in motorcars". We began with a small dinnner at aunt M*'s house, eating cheese and drinking chmpaigne, then Saturday was the big she-bang under tents and tables in an apple orchard. Home-made apple pie ala mode . (yum!) Barb-q-ed meats of all kinds. Cookies and cakes. Wow. All this in a cayucos backyard.

The night after the big party, I cackled while my crazy cousin J* drove us on a "Mr Toads Wild ride" through foggy wooded canyons to an even wilder little bar called the "Saloon". I laughed until I cried -both ways.

The Saloon was crammed to the top with people, all dancing to a mix of hard rock and country - everyone was wild with the excitement of impending illegal fireworks. Including the Portagees that hovered near my two lovely cousins. One gave me a smack on my rear and a comment that he could "do some nasty sh!t to my A$$". I sense a redundancy here. I think I smacked him right back. He was only 6 feet 2 inches tall. Sitting down.

I left the next day after breakfast. It was short and sweet. Plus I had big plans for my first fourth of July in Monterey Bay. (see next blog)

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