Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Pacific Grove Feast of Lanterns

Well here it is, almost the 100 centenial anniversary of the Pacific Grove Feast of Lanterns. I remember as a kid, we would plant ourselves at Lover's Point, in the sand, with our little white lantern on a stick. When it became dark, there was a parade (that I dont recall seeing too much of) and then fireworks. I never really saw the culteral side, nor did I know of the whole list of activities available.

This year, Im going to SEE IT ALL. And of course, dear Blog, will report with my own unique POV.

What is the FOL? This link to the official website tells the story of 2 lovers kept apart by fate, who are reunited and turn into Monarch Butterflies. The festival celebrates the legend quite well, and there is even a Queen Topaz contest, plays and a re-enactment of the Legend.
:D How exciting! I cant wait!
And there's is a site that contains pictures and more pictures of previous Feasts. There are a few "broken links" here, but if you stay in the picture section I think youll be ok.

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Thanks for the mention. Most links are fixed, it is updated every year with dates and events. Also have a sister site feastoflanterns dot org with the same information in a different format.
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