Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Oh say can you see (through the fog)

My first Independance day in Monterey! I guess that I can celebrate Independence because Im still single. But thats a conversation for another time/day/century.

- I spent it with a local Italian family, watching a parade in downtown Old Monterey. The lady was a little upset because she was typically invited and this year, someone's boyfriend was driving the car instead.

Passing right near our noses were restored cars, mayors waving, and then of course bands playing the star-spangled banner (which always brings a tear to my eye).

After the excitement of the local parade, I joined a large party on a renovated party boat in the middle of the bay, with fireworks popping over my head and the fog dense in the sky (typical!). It was a family affair, so my friend, his young son, a hord of multi-aged kids, and the few adults converged on the roof to light our own 'crackers and watch the city of Monterey show its stuff. Which was a good thing because this year Salinas had nothing to offer. (see articles explaining the ins and outs of why - its too complex and depressing to explain here)

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