Friday, July 22, 2005


77 Great Hikes Journal

In the beginning... June

For some reason, I have caught a bug - its the Big Sur hiking bug. Im flush with the fever! This is around June/July.

I recently purchased a book called "77 Great Hikes" by Robert Stone - get it, get it??? listing all these local little day-hikes, which some I knew about and some that are new to moi. In this section of my Blog, Ill chronical my adventures, organised under each hike number, and Ill try to put a date or something.

hikes 65-69 - sample

First I started with a little "taste" of Andrew Molera, which is the largest park here in this area.
According to Mr. Pebble, er, I mean Mr. Stone (who doesnt have a website by the way), this park is the largest park in the Big Sur state park system, at over 4,,800 acres (no not 5,000), and over 15 trails. I walked past the ranger station, where there is a really nice clean bathroom, and took the Creamery trail. lots of people are walking this area, and there are some that are campers, some randome walkers/bikers and some that are barbquers. I crossed a stream on a wavy bridge. For some reason, I felt like it was a "haunted trail" - was it because it was late afternoon? the cloudy sky with dark clouds? The wind creaking through the trees, making them squeak and squeal and moan? All of the above?

I have done some of the walks in Garland Ranch, most of the ones in Point Lobos, and many in Toro Park. So I feel like I am good to go. Ill use this section of my Blog to chronical all the cool places to hike in this area and all the things that are around this time of my experiences and my point of provide you with entertainment.

Hike #59 Sobranes ocean (west side)
This one is sweet - its flat and easy, right on the ocean and there are a few really great "zen places" to go and just have a great THINK. I came to the trailhead and took the right side pathway, which according to the tip given to me by a local at the photography shop, is where I get to see the "secret waterfalls" that no one typically fnds. I saw crashing waves, lovers intertwined on rocks, little streams, and a drainpipe carrying water under the highway. It was nice!

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