Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Seasons Greetings

Better late than never. My mantra for this season. I wrote christmas cards for the first time in my thats a lie, Ive actually wrote Christmas cards several times, but this is the first time that Ive actually SENT them out, with stamps.
:D big difference.

I really had fun, writing little notes, and remembering each person. I still havent finished the "Great Scarf Project", but Im over halfway complete. Life just seems to intrude on "Scarf making" plus I am scarfed out for now, I think.

The holidays were actually quite nice. It was clear skies and cold nights for the most part, which is a good thing because all the neighborhoods like to compete with respect to decorating, and every street becomes a veritable "Candy Cane Lane". I took my friend Cricket to a CCL in Pacific Grove, where we did a full circle, wide grins plastered across our faces. There was a line of cars around the block waiting to get in, but everyone was polite and patient. Some even parked their cars and braved the 50-degree weather to see the display through "walk-about". Did I use that term properly?

Im now working, but before you get too excited for me, Im working as a TEMP at a division of McGraw hill, called CTB. Im having fun, actually, its a nice relief to be required to go home at 5. and its great, for now, to not think about it when I go home.

The people are really nice, and in the group that I sit around, they are all artists. There is art hanging "artistically" in every office that I see, and for Christmas, everyone gives HANDCRAFTED gifts. Can you believe it? Nothing from Nordstroms. In fact, Im having Nordstrom withdrawals right now. And I wasnt even going there very often before I left. Just not being NEAR a Nordstroms.
;) HEHE.

And this is just one section of the upstairs. There are other sections, which shall remain nameless. But Im having fun. What else do I do for fun besides go to work? I go out downtown with my friends Cricket, Anthony and Matt, and we can ususally be found somewhere between Lalapaloosa, Mucky Duck, and Dock Ricketts. We enjoy comedy and people watching - Cricket and I are into Karaoke and Salsa. So we compromise. :)

What did "the gang" do for Christmas? well, I for one, spent time time with my little brother Jeremy, who flew in from Honolulu, as well as the folks (who are probably tired of my face!)
and we did things like eat dinner, watch movies, watch television and eat more dinner. I think that Im stocked up by now - you wouldnt recognise me - Ive gained about 20 pounds! But it was generally a really great holiday for the Martins'. We got in a few Karaoke sessions here and there, of course, and played a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit (my christmas present from Jeremy!). We all let Jeremy win, so we could go to bed.

And thats about it, folks. Another Christmas and now ... whats ahead for the new year?

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