Saturday, November 20, 2004


Dog Fight

Well, as I spend my days and nights figuring out my life, I keep busy by taking my dads Purebred German Shorthair pointers out for their daily "walk". Actually they run, and drag me behind them, but who's going to argue about details?

Turning a deaf ear to my father's dire warnings about having them both "off-leach", I happily pranced around the greenbelt pathways, thinking I was hip, cool, and all that. Until the other day when a young mother, her baby girl, and their sweet old golden retriever passed our way. Then the sweet babies that I snuggle with every night turned into snarling, barking, agressive attack dogs - the kind that remind you of Cujo, and cause nightmares. The Young Mother moved quickly to protect her little girl, but soon realised that it wasnt her daughter who was in danger, but her DOG, that was the center of their anger. She screamed and yelled at the two large dogs, and attempted a few well-aimed karate kicks in their direction. To no avail.

I finally was able to grab both of them by the ruff of their necks, after they gave me a few pathetic-sounding yelps, and had gottem them to calm down and stop attacking the poor defenseless golden. the Young Mother yelled at me, "those dogs are dangerous", and wanted to defend them and tell her that neither he nor her youngster were in any danger...but how would that sound? I could just imagine the 8 o'clock news describing the two pointers slaughtering an old geezer dog, like gang members in south salinas, attacking from both sides with sharp canine teeth, like the youths with their knives and screwdrivers.

Well, thankfully, this hasnt turned up in the incident reports yet, but Im still looking...

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